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Posted on February 18 2013 by Nicole Vaughan

You know how they say: life is what you make it; i believe that. Although sometimes it's a force rather a desicion. Sometimes you really don't have a choice. In family you just have to do what you have to do. As an Aunt I try to do what is best for my niece; I love her like crazy, even thought my dedication and effort goes unnoticed, and unapreciated.. Knowing it for the best.. it just is what it is. My life has more crazy days than stable ones.. and that's just how our house is. it's really annoying though when they hit the low point on a drunk ramble.. It's aggervating but it the reprocushion of living at home.. with my mother..

I just hope i can find my nitch in life.. concerning a carrer wise.. I'm thinking of computer and criminal justice..because although i like interior design. idk how well i'll manage in that, and photograph is more a hobby instead of a carrer.. well after i have a stable carrer then i'll explore more. I say criminal justice beacuse it would be nice to be an officer, because i'm tired of seeing police not enforce the law. What's the point of having a law if there isn't going to be any enforcement of it.. It's absolutly pointless.. and that fustrates me. Although due to budget cuts i don't know how "smart" going in that direction would be. It's sad that now a days you can work as hard as possible but it doesn't matter anymore. If there's someone that can do it for less then that is the choice to company chooses.

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